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Discussion Tremble before the Saurian Ancients

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by thedarkfourth, Oct 15, 2021.

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    The Ninth Age has finally published the complete background of the Saurian Ancients. Read the whole thing here!

    • The saurians live all across the world in hidden enclaves, connected by ancient portal gates.
    • The mightiest and most mysterious enclave is the island of Atua, out in the oceans of the east.
    • They fanatically follow a philosophy of life and information-preservation called Vitalism.
    • Anurarchs (the toad mages) are hyper-intelligent beings who once ruled the world as enslaving tyrants. After being dethroned and annihilated, they re-emerged in recent times, and the saurians are concerned they will return to their evil path...
    • Saurians are technologically primitive in most areas, but they are masters of certain stones and crystals, including lodestone magnets.
    • Oh yeah...they keep dinosaurs as pets!

    Read the full text to find out more.

    Consider writing a saurian ancients story for the latest short story comp!
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